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2017 Album (2017)

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From Dover, NH, Veneer is a vacuum-packed blast of beats and heavy guitar riffs, blended oh-so-politely with veiled social commentary. Your basic poetic poltergeist.

Jeff Burton builds the engine here, with help from guest musicians to steer the skew. Many smiles and hugs to them.

A Veneer Youtube channel is on its way, featuring music videos from "Plan A." Other menaces to nobody in particular, including people who don't use their brains much, will also grace the channel.

"Courtesy is only a thin veneer on the general selfishness."

Jeff Burton: guitars, bass, vocals, Reaper processing
Peter Burton: keyboards on "Slickburner"
Chris Cote[/] keyboard samples on "Last Ditch"
Isis Orchard[/] vocals on "Stick To The Plan"



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2017 Album(2017)

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